Whole Health Plan Benefit Program 

Program Description:

The Whole Health Plan benefit program offers qualified members, the opportunity to utilize comprehensive case management and care coordination services through the Whole Health Care Team (WHCT).  The program is voluntary and intended to support the member as a primary touch point and provide professional, courteous, and friendly assistance. 


The WHCT will make sure members have a knowledgeable and reliable advocate, are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their care, and feel supported in advocating for themselves.  Together with the WHCT, members will find new ways to break down barriers to care in order to create the best healthcare experience possible.


Our Services:

  • Regular phone check-ins to listen and assess need

  • Active listening to understand personal health goals and integrate those needs into the overall healthcare plan

  • Assistance with navigation of the health plan

  • Guidance to reduce costs while still receiving great care

  • Support with understanding your doctors’ instructions and next steps

  • Coordination of medications with health plan providers and pharmacies

  • Coordination of visits with specialists and the primary health care team

  • Assistance with transitioning from hospital to home

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When to Reach Out:

The Whole Health Care Team is ready to serve Whole Health Plan members when:

  • Admitted to the hospital

  • Starting to visit many different providers

  • Medical/visit costs are rising

  • Pharmacy/medication costs are rising

  • Confused by a complex medical treatment plan

  • Many visits to the emergency department or an urgent care



Who We Are:

Warren Brown, MD - Medical Director of Whole Health Care Team

Warren is board certified in both Internal Medicine (primary care for adults) and Pediatrics.  He received his degree from Loma Linda University in 1998 and was dual board certified in 2002. 

Warren worked in the Whole Foods Market Medical and Wellness Center, in Glendale, CA, from March 2014 until July 2019, caring for team members and their families.  Prior to working with Whole Foods Market, he owned a primary care practice in Pasadena, CA, that incorporated a fitness center, with fitness trainers and registered dietitians, for 10 years.

Warren's focus was, and still is, to spend the time to listen to you and learn about your life.  He will make sure that your needs are respected and integrated into your healthcare experience. He will focus on changes of lifestyle, rather than medications, to help you live your best.  


Whether it be for a current illness or for prevention of future illness, he looks forward to listening to you and serving you with quality medical advice as well as empowering you to get healthier on your own.  Together as a team, he will work with you to minimize medications, avoid unnecessary medical procedures, reduce emergency room visits, and keep you as healthy as possible so you can enjoy your home, family, and friends rather than spending time in medical offices or the hospital.


Nayiri Ketchedjan, NP - Clinical Services Lead and Operations Consultant


Nayiri Ketchedjian is a board-certified family nurse practitioner in Primary Care.  She received her Master of Science in Nursing from Loma Linda University in 2010.  She has worked at the Whole Foods Medical and Wellness Center, in Glendale, CA, since January 2019.

Prior to that, she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in Internal Medicine with a focus on chronic disease management and urgent care.  Before becoming a nurse practitioner, she also worked a registered nurse for 16 years in various specialties in different hospitals in Southern California.

Nayiri is passionate about helping people become healthier. Her focus is to provide individualized and holistic care. 

She believes in a focus on prevention and integrating diet and lifestyle changes in improving your health. She looks forward to hearing from you and working with you as a team to help you meet your health goals and improve your health.

Isela Ponce, RN - Nurse Case Manager


Isela started her career with Whole Foods Market in March 2019.  She has been a nurse for 19 years in various specialties including Med-Surg./Oncology, Transitional Care, Critical Care, Hospice and Palliative care settings.

Born in Texas and a lifelong resident of California, she is a mother of 3 (2 sons and a daughter) who constantly seeks to model an attitude of appreciation, thoughtfulness and a strong work ethic. She has a passion for helping others and empowering them with the tools to care for themselves.

Prior to going into the nursing field, she volunteered as an EMT and graduated from a Firefighter Academy.  She has completed 2 Tough Mudder events, 3 Avon Breast Cancer Walks and 2 Half Marathons and looks forward to one day being able to go on a missionary trip to underserved countries.


Melissa Soto – Care Navigator


Melissa Soto joined the Whole Health Care Team in December 2019. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Saint Joseph University in 2006. 

She has 13 years of experience working in the healthcare/not for profit sector supporting clients in managed care.

Prior to joining Whole Foods, she worked as a Patient Access Supervisor at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Tx.

She is thrilled to be a part of this innovative healthcare model and team. Melissa is passionate about empowering team members with the knowledge and resources to live their best lives. She resides with her husband and enjoys yoga and traveling.


Contact Us:


During Business Hours:


Phone: 888-629-3186


Fax: 512-499-3874

Email: Whole.Health.Care.Team@WholeFoods.com


After Hours (24-hour nurse call line): 888-629-3186


Hours of Operation:


Monday through Friday (except for holidays)


8:00am – 4:30pm (Pacific Time) – Los Angeles


10:00am – 6:30pm (Central Time) - Texas


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