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2021 Whole Health Plan Insurance Resources

General Information:   Including summary of benefits and coverage, provider search, pharmacy directory, and frequently asked questions.

Preferred Tier Provider Search Tool:  This lower deductible network level features access to the same high-quality, vetted care providers as available with the 2018 WFM Premier Plan. No referral required!

Expanded Tier Provider Search Tool:  This higher deductible network level features a broad network of physicians and specialists—a 99% match with the 2018 UHC plan—through an Aetna provider plan. In nearly every circumstance, Team Members can continue to visit the same care providers as they have in the past, and do so with no referral.

WebTPA (for general coverage questions):  (844) 380-4554

Southern Scripts: (833) 682-6480 



General Medication

&  Pharmacy Guide: 



2021 Annual Enrollment Guide:

Knova Solutions Information: 


Knova Solutions provides phone and e-mail support for you and your family regarding your medical care. They focus on you as a whole and answering any questions you have regarding your medical care and resources available through the Whole Health Plan. The service is secure and confidential.


Here are a few ways they can help:

  • Diagnosis and medication questions

  • Discussing risks and benefits of specific care

  • Healthy Lifestyle support


To learn more about this service or to enroll, call 1-800-355-0885.

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