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  • by Jaclyn Foster, HC

Making Meals Easy

Who loves to know they have a meal plan and it’s going to be easy? I do. I bet you do too.

We all need to eat, but whether our goal is eating healthy or not, we need a plan or we’re in trouble. When we don’t have a plan, we either end up going without until we are starving and overeating or grabbing fast food, or maybe end up skipping meals and eating snacks that leave us feeling unnourished.

If you’d like ideas for more healthy options, while making it easy and exploring how to add in some variety, we want to highlight some great video resources available to you online through the WFM Medical Center website.

On the medical center website, we have a number of videos to inspire your culinary efforts or hopes to limit them as much as possible.

Let’s run you through some of the cooking videos you have available for your inspiration along with the links to check them out:

The “I Hate Cooking” Series:

Don’t know how, don’t have time, or just plain don’t like cooking in general. This video series is a great one to check out. Especially if you are tired of the same old unhealthy grab-n-go or spending more money than you’d like on food.

These 3 videos, one per meal of the day, will run you through multiple idea on how to prepare your own healthy and delicious meals in minutes.

All don’t require any stove top or oven cooking and many you can do with just a quick heat in the microwave or no need for heating up at all.

Click here to check them out: "I Hate Cooking" Meal Options | wfmmedical

The “10 Minute Meals” Series:

Could you use suggestions for an easy, delicious, and nutritious meal you can throw together for you and your family even on the busiest day?

Whether you are at home or in an office break room this 3-video series will teach you healthy, and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less.

Check out this series to learn more here: 10 Minute Meals | wfmmedical

Kids Meals:

One of life’s most puzzling questions: how do I get my kids to eat a healthy meal? If you find yourself in this conundrum then watch this video for the answer.

Click here for the video: Treats, Snacks & Kids Meals | wfmmedical


We all love snacking, but at what cost? Our health and our waistline can pay the price if we aren't snacking on the right foods. Watch this video for delicious AND nutritious snack ideas for you and the whole family.

Here’s the link: Treats, Snacks & Kids Meals | wfmmedical

Sweet Treats:

Have you ever doubted that you could find a dessert that satisfied your sweet tooth while still being healthy for you? Watch this video for delightfully delicious yet healthier treats that hit the spot any time of day.

Click here to check it out: Treats, Snacks & Kids Meals | wfmmedical

Grocery Shopping:

Finally, if you struggle with grocery shopping and could use a refresher on some great staples to have on hand, this tour is a wonderful compliment to these cooking videos and will help inspire you around adding more fresh produce as well as reminding you of some others sections of the store where you are able to find healthy options that make eating healthy ease.

Here’s the link: Grocery Store Tour | wfmmedical

Would you like some additional support? You are not alone, and change takes time! It takes practice and often it can be helpful to reach out for the support of a coach, therapist, friend, or mentor.

If you are a Whole Health Plan Member, the Medical & Wellness Centers located in Austin, Texas and Glendale, California are available for support. Give us a call.

If you are Whole Health Plan member and have not established care with the Center for your primary care services, call us to make an appointment or learn more about the benefits available to you as a patient of the Center.

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