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  • by Jaclyn Foster, HC

Make Exercise Fun & Easy

When I work with people one-on-one and ask about their exercise routine I often hear, “I know…I should be going to the gym more.”

In addition to telling me about their felt obligation, I can tell by their guilty tone that they are not excited at all about going to the gym, but they feel like it is the only option.

I am all for the gym if you like it, but if the thought of using a treadmill or machines is a less than inviting idea, this blog is for you.

There are three questions that are great to ask when it comes to figuring out what type of exercise will be best for you:

  • How much time do you realistically have to exercise per week?

  • Do you prefer exercise by yourself or with others?

  • What types of exercise did you enjoy as a child?

If you are short on time, and like to get it done on your own, here are a couple ideas:

  • Create a daily push-up challenge for yourself. Either in a plank position with legs straight or knees bent, see how many push-ups you can do day every day. This is an easy practice to add to the start of your day as you roll out of bed, or as part of your evening routine. If you enjoy competition, this is a fun way to be motivated by your progress and continue to increase your count as the weeks pass.

  • Take a 15 minute walk outside at work. As humans, its not possible to work 8 or more hours straight consistently without taking breaks, we don’t have the attention spans for it and its not healthy to try to push ourselves to make it happen. When you know your brain is full and you need a minute, why not step outside and take a walk around the block, or two! Your brain and your body will thank you.

If you have time for more, and are yearning for something fun and community-oriented check-out the ideas below:

  • Find a class. Go to Google and search activities you are interested in. Can’t think of anything? Do any of the following get you excited? Zumba, Martial Arts, Salsa, Country Line Dancing, or Yoga.

  • If you don’t know where to search, look up local community colleges or community centers, dance studios, or other centers that are group class centered instead of individual workout focused.

  • Find an activity group you can join. One of my favorite sites to search for activity groups from hiking, to bowling and much more is through a website called Check it out to search your favorite forms of exercise. This is not only great for exercise groups, but also for many kinds of special interest groups.

  • Join an adult sport league. If you are interested in playing in a group league and like the idea of giving back to charities, this social support community is worth checking out:

  • If this doesn’t look like the thing for you, there are plenty other league options you can check-out and see what is available in your community.

  • Find a work-out buddy and accountability friend. Ask around to find out which of your friends or family members also wants to get more exercise. Could you do any of the above together? Or perhaps meet up once a week to take a walk or a hike together?

If you didn’t already, I hope you now feel that there are so many ways to get your body moving that are so fun you barely feel like you are working out, or that are so easy to make a part of your week that they will minimally disrupt your routine, if at all.

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