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70% of patients musculoskeletal conditions are resolved without the assistance of addictive pain meditation or the need for invasive procedures such as injections or surgery.

JointStrong is a comprehensive physical therapy program designed to reduce back, neck or joint pain

and restore function.

IMC providers are available through the
WFM Medical + Wellness Centers:

 In person at the Austin, Tx location

By Virtual Visit at the Glendale, Ca. location


IMC providers are also available virtually to WHP members and their dependents through the JointStrong app, available in the App Store and Google Play, or over the phone at 855-293-0340.

To schedule an in-person visit in Austin, Tx, call 855-293-0340.

To discuss with Medical Center in Glendale, Ca. call 818-844-2300

Cost Breakdown:


Virtual Visit (Austin, TX, and Los Angeles, CA) — $50/visit, applied to deductible

In-Person Visit (Austin, TX, only) — $60/visit, applied to deductible


For more information refer to the resource handouts below and/or contact your local Whole Foods Market 

Austin, Texas Resource Sheet:

Approximately 90% of                         patients report a reduction in pain and restoration of full function and mobility.

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