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Follow My Health Patient Portal

If you are a patient of the Whole Foods Market Medical & Wellness Centers, we invite you to access your medical chart using our online patient portal known as Follow My Health. 


Here are some of the highlights the portal offers:

  • Access to secure video visits with your provider and health coach  

All you will need to do is sign into your portal account from your desktop or mobile app and click on your scheduled visit to connect by video.


  • Ability to communicate directly with your provider and team at the Center

Our system will allow you to ask any question to your primary care provider securely. When you submit a question to your provider please allow 3 business days for a response. If you have an urgent need, it would be best to contact the clinic directly by phone and speak to one of our staff.

  • Access to your lab results after provider review

After your provider has reviewed your lab results and you have had a chance to discuss the results with one of our qualified medical professionals, these results will be released to your secure portal. You can access them at any time it is convenient.

  • You can send and receive secure communications

We are able to securely attach to a portal message completed documentation including but not limited to school forms, work excuses, and immunization records.

  • Offers you access to pre-appointment paperwork online that directly communicates with our electronic health record securely

We now have the ability to simplify your visit by filling out your paperwork online. You will receive a secure message with all the forms which need to be complete before visiting with your provider. These include the administrative forms and health forms. Once completed online, your forms are automatically sent to your chart. No need to print and fill them out a head of your visit.

  • It will facilitate dependent access

As a parent or guardian, you have access to your dependents’ portals from the convenience of your portal. No need to login into numerous accounts. Please ask our staff to assist you in connecting the accounts.


You can access and set-up your account using the following link:!/default


Start by clicking I need to sign-up. This will send a request to our staff for access to your account. Please allow 3 business days for your request to be processed.

FollowMyHealth Accessing Video Visits through Mobile App:

FollowMyHealth Accessing Video Visits through Patient Portal:

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